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woah woah woaaaah [01 Aug 2005|05:30pm]
[ mood | confused ]

havne't writiten in this in like a year.
i just re read all of my entries
man i was a sad lil kid.
Sooo.. i pretty much lost all my friends on this thing.
anyone wanna be my new friend? yaay?


1im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

my jam... [01 Sep 2004|04:09am]
[ mood | anxious ]

wel well.. everytime aol bans me from xanga..im usually using lj. heh heh.. anyways.. all niter was loads of funness.. u can read that in mie xanga..not relly a long so yeah it woulndt hurt you :]

riot now im jammin to the song that me & the homies jammed to at the all nite sk8.. its techno & the lyrics goo..

do u think ur better off alone?
talk to mee... Oooo talk to mee

thats all it just repeats but its good cuz it  was fun cuzi jumped up & down & yay! lol

today me (or yesterday w/e) me & ashee went to my moms work potluck at steel lake & we ate nummy food but got attacked by like 4 bees! eek! it was horrible! just horrible!

then we walked up to the skate park & all these guys were like hey ladies! & we saw cordell ther & we cheeled w/ him 4 a bit & i tryed goin down this ramp but i ht the stiars & flew off & i was like "Oh ShiT!" and i felt bad cuz Lil ones were around.. but yesth.. sum 21 year old was like hey sup how old r u & im like almost 15 & hes like & ur fren & iml ike shes 14 and hes like oh well.. we better stop there cuz i dont want to go to jail.. lol. Him & his frens were FINE yum yum! if only we were older :( we got back & we wer gonna go over to murphys 2 hang out w/ brim & him 4  bit but it got too late... sadness so came home & took he rhome & then we got a mcflurry & my sis sum from mickie D's & yeha came home & foudn out that nick called me! gooray! lol.. & he wants me to go to ww w/ him today but i asked & my mom sayd no cuz its gonna rain so maybe we cna go see a movie er sumthin since we cant go to the mall.. :-/ im srybout that nick..


so0o now im eatin carrots yum yum. xcept it makes mie tummy & throat feel funny kinda ike wen i eat  straberrys but yeah.. i should get goin cuz nicks gonna call me round 11:30 & i dun wanna sound dead to him on the fone from waking up lol.. but yeha!


 yay!! me & lindsay r gonna do swimming together!! since megan isn't showing such a effort for going.. :-/ But yay! And were gonna wear nose plugs cuz were gonna be cool.. well she doesnt know that yet but im gonna maker her! hehe!




to0tles <33


by the way zakk thnx 4 tha talk! luv u lil bRo!!!

1im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

so0o frustrating.. [29 Aug 2004|05:49am]
[ mood | restless ]

tonite was pretty scary.. but i had irene & chelseyto help me out w/ it! :-D yay

lets see here. it all started wen i was outside w/my mom & dad just talkin .. & these new niehgbors up behind us on 16th theywere drunk or stoned or sumthin cuz this one guy sayd dude every other word..& then hez like the police aint got nothin on meeh.. so FUCK THE POLICE.. & then they started talkin bout killin a cop er sumthin.. it was freaky.. :-/

then aftr every1 went 2 bed im just sittin here online.. then i go to mie window & i hear 2 gun shots , a grl screamin.. 2 mins. later cops comiing to mie neighborhood.. i was soo freaked out.. cuz apprently my nieghborhood is split into 2 gangs.. scary shit.

ally.. im never goin out there at 6 in the morning anymore.. lolz.. but that was fun that morning....


yeaah.. but im havin a great convo w/ irene!! love u lots babe!!

well ima go. prob. sleep soon .. wont wake up till like 3 again.. haha. gotta prepare 4 the all niter at skating.. woo hooo..


ima make a fort..



1im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

juuust faaacking fantastic!! [28 Aug 2004|05:29am]
[ mood | mellow ]

yessh im back again. for now that is. Im still writing in xanga of course though. Go check that out... xanga.com/lovely_mistake_o8

im sooo tired dudes! my niece is coming over in like 30 mins.! melissa is watching her from like 6-8ish or9ish. i woke up today to her crying.. poor thing. i hate it wen babys cry :(

went shopping today & got sumnew kicks! i shall say they're sum super hottness... at least i think so0o. they're skater shoes soo now i skate better! woohoo!
soo tired.


all nite sk8 tomorrow. hopefully imstill goin! & i hope to all of you wonderful people there!

11 more days till skool starts .. gaah this summer went by WAAAY too fast!!:( sadness all around. Im gonna miss goin to sac. well ima miss last year lots & lots. I met alot of new people & i had the GREATEST times with them in class!!! So0o0o0o0o0oo many memories in mr. andersons & mr. luongs class... im so glad i got to know ben & julie! thomas.. i didnt mind him.. he needs to work on his way of words though. lol. ahhhh ima miss it soo much! buuut i have a good feeling about this year. hopefully it will be just as good or maybe even better???

oh yeaa.. cannot forget leadership. it frocked last year.. all the cool kids were there.. &all types.. i guess you could label.. rockers, preps, goodys . all got corrupted into one big famiLy......

*note that i didn't say happy.. :-/

okay well il eave you with this LiL info. thingy ma jig! so0o get 2 know meeh ;-)

leave sum comments.. & ally your gonna fix this up for meeh if you like it or not!!

[ what color are your eyes? ]: hazel... 4rm blue, grey brown & yellow eyes.. yeah im odd.
[ do you wear glasses/contacts? ]: suppose 2b wearing gLasses.. but i lost em :-/
[ describe something beautiful to you ]: a baby.. :]
[ someone you know who has beautiful eyes ]: bRittany..
[ first physical aspect you notice on the opposite sex: be honest! ]: face, hair & the curves
[ if you could see anyone or anything right now, who/what would it be? ]: could have all my frens & just hangin out @ someones house just kickin it.

[ do you like your nose? ]: sometimes
[ what does your hair smell like? ]: sleep
[ what is your favorite scent from everyday life? ]: the air outside mywindow.. or my sister perfume cuz it brings back memories
[ if you use perfume/cologne, what kind? ]: adidas & pimpkies hippie dReam (got it 4rm germany)
[ who do you know that smells the best? ]: i guess megan or brittany? i dont smell people usually..

[ what kind of music do you like to listen to? ]: rap, r&b, pop, techno,punk, emo, screamo, rock & ska
[ name a song that is special at this moment in time ]: ill play dumb you play deaf-- paint by numbers
[ are you a good singer? ]: depends on teh day
[ do you play an instrument? ]: the guitar
[ which spoken language sounds the best? ]: english cuz our accent is mumbling :]
[ favorite everyday life sound? ]: my radio?
[ least favorite everyday life sound? ]: my sister singing aha
[ of the people you know, who has the best-sounding voice? ]: lindsay & megan!

[ favorite food? ]: foood hehe
[ favorite drink? ]: sprite or ... iunno
[ do you have a tongue/lip piercing? ]: nope
[ what are your thoughts on coffee? ]: not for meeh
[ the worst taste you have ever encountered? ]: pills..
[ would you eat something disgusting for money? ]: probably..

[ do you consider yourself touch-sensitive?]: like as in ticklish?? yessh im verrry ticklish .. aLmost everywhere aha
[ do you like people touching you?]: it depends on who and how they're touching me
[ are you ticklish and if so, where?]: like i sayd verrry ticklish.....I spaz out before people can tickle me
[ which are better: hugs or kisses?]: hugs.. & cuddlying & all that rigamagooo
[ who was the last person you touched? ]: my maja
[ who do you wish you could reach out and touch right now? ]: .. hmm..
[ favorite material to touch? ]: fleece its nice & fleecy.. lol

2im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

[27 Aug 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

hey hey! haven't wR0te in hurr in looong ass time.. i usually wRite in xanga. kate told meeh to write in here & ill become gansta gangsta lolz.. hehe.. Buut yeah.. i dont really feel like typin riot now.. but ill wRite laters! much luV.. <33nicoLe*

3im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

GoodByE! [27 Jan 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hey guys.. i dont like writing in this anymore. i mean yea it cool nd all but its too complicated for me to setup cuz no1 will help me so im just gonna go back 2 my diary @ diaryland. so yeah. If u wanna check it out itz brandnew66@diaryland.com So yea TtyL! PeACE!

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[24 Jan 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | amused ]


no i kno i has this. this sux ass!

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[21 Jan 2004|09:50pm]
im so tired of m life. I need new friends. i dont know what to do. All of them arn't good friends. I dont even know what im doing with them! ..

Do u want 2b my new friend??

1im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

shumtin.. [21 Jan 2004|03:57pm]
[ mood | sick ]

another boring day. wont go into details. All but ... hmm... gymnastics sign ups were today. have a A in math now. the book started over so every1 does. hopefully it will stay that way. i actually was focased on my work nd i did the work in 4th. Austy kept on saying mr. krinkles instead of mr. kringler. it was funny. im laughing right now. lol. seriously. She goes.. Mr krinkles is in a bad mood nd i i bursted out laughing. Nice old guy tho id say. hmm.. wut else.. oh me, sameena nd austy skipped advisory. Wrote all over the skool kinda. nd hten austy wrote something nd we were standing by it.. her nd sameean had there back packs nd i just had my pass nd he yelled at us nd i walked his way nd he yelled at me nd i was scared that he was gonna take me to my adviosry class. which i lied to him about. heh..

Nothing else. Feel like shyt cuz of my hroat.hopefully it gets better :-/

thats all now. Im writing a big ol entry but its on paper nd i still have 2 finish it so ill write that in here latyer. 4 now.. tootles..

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. . . [21 Jan 2004|07:35am]
Call me a safe bet

-bask in the moon light glow with me tonight...- [21 Jan 2004|06:21am]
[ mood | sick ]

im offline currently. im glad i am. i really just want to write. rightnow i just want to express what im feeling.

For starters. went to gymnastics last night. I sucked a$s! The only things i could actually do do is my hand stands and splits. Woo hoo. i think its because im really tired. Hell, i should be in bed right now! I'll write some of what i want to express. Then ima g2 bed nd right the rest layter on.

I hate boys. i just want to use them 4 the cuddlying. lol. seriously, i hate it wen u like a guy nd u cant tell if they like you back. it drives me insane! Like w/ one guy i would see him staring at me nd that wen i could tell. So im thinking maybe thats how the rest of them are. cuz i caught *name* staring at me nd i like him. I just dont kno. nd ryan called me today while i was @ gymnastics. nd that is VERY unusual. imean it, so all these ideas pop up in my lill head. nd i get so lost in it. *sigh* dazed & confuesed . . . .

This year ive noticed something. ive matured alot since 6th grade. its so weird to think back. it brings back alof of feelings espeacialy in the 7th grade. lasy year was teh best year ever! #1 reason why: it was a Jr. High. now its a damn middle skool. that sucks as$. Last year was a great turning point in my life. Big impacts hit me but i got through them. Hopefully this year I'll be twice as stronger

Onto another topic. Cutting. This all happened or should i say started in 6th grade Now ur all going to call me a pathetic loser wen i tell u this story. I remember i started reading magazines like Teen People nd i read the life storys. i was so inresead in those. nd i remember the cutting nd erasaer burns. Then on night there was alot of screaming nd yelling going on nd one of my pict. fremes fell down nd broke. nd i stole a picece of glass ndi just picked myself. didnt do much harm. then i brought it to skool nd waslike " each time i say a bad word im gonna cut my self, Oh shit" nd i did it ( just a pik ne every1 just laughed.. shows who really cares) yes yes i kno. . . . stupid patheitc lil girl.. calling out for attention.
Then it stopped it was foolisness. Then 7th grade hit. nd brian struck. i was beginning to experience emotions id never felt b4 nd i dont think i wanted too. Then i met ppl who cut. So it refreshed me nd i craved it. I started up agin. Only the pink lines nd sum were serious. i did it occasionally through out the summer & into this skool year. but iver been clean 4 i think 3 months. I stopped bcuz i felt i was calling out 4 attentin. Sure i had scars. but u cant see them anymore. Got covered up by an eraser burn. Those were fun.

Now herei am ... getting reminded of it once agian. ndnow im craving for it. I dont even think i have a simple reason for it. I just want to. I guess u could say im just one of those messed up kids. *sigh* i dont kno anymore

I think im gonna go try nd to write a song so far i got:

Stood in the glow
Of the exit sign
Standing alone
With tears in my eyes
Should of never trusted
that voice inside my head
I took that sign
to far ahead
beliveing every word it said

Sexy aint it? well i actually feel like layong on my floor so im gonna go do that...

Leave a comment plz...

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..... [19 Jan 2004|03:41pm]
[ mood | curious ]

+Lets sit and dream- song written by me. Sounds sappy, tunes punk rockish.+

[Wanna go for a ride? stay out all night? maybe get high? no? alright. how bout we go to my house, watch movies all night long, drink hot apple cider, cause cocoa is over ratttteddddd!!]

-I don't know what your up to, but i know that i want you, i need you, i wanna feel you now... I can't dream alone toonight, i just wanna feel you, hear you, see you now... (fade out)-

[If you go to the end of the world, i would catch you before you hit the sky, and keep you here with me, safe. I can't believe this is what im saying, but i know what im feelin is true. cause i find myself in you.]

-if i woke up alone, i wouldn't stop until i found you so that you would be with me. All i need... here with me, you can't see, so much that you wont believe. I can't take this it's going bad, it is so untrue.

You better not, you better not Run... Im calling out, im calling out now... (drum solo) we can drive out stay out all night all dayyy, i can't be here. i can't see you. I need you. i need you. I neeeed yooouuuu.... (cut, end.)]

iwait4truth <user who made the song. . . . . . . . . . .

4im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

~aLLySonS-paRty~ [19 Jan 2004|02:23am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Wooo wut an exciting weekend! Well first off.. the nite b4 anthony was talking to me about ameila probz. nd let me tell ya .. i really didnt wanna hear it. But i did my best nd helped a buddy out! newho... bAk to allysons party.

Eleanor took me nd wen we got there amanda, melyssa, julie,alicia & allyson were playing "volleyball". But yeah.. nd then megan p., austy, stephanie, marissa, nesil, megan f., ashley, ryan & anthony came.. nd me & julie thought of the brilliant idea of taking a stick w/ leaves on it nd blending in , in the middle of the street =D. See were nerds like that :-p. So then.. the party was going smoothly.. ppl laughing nd having fun but austy was standing in teh doorway nd we told her to come nd join us but she rufused. So after awhie she walked out. Every1 worrying. Every1 telling me 2 go out there bcuz i was her "best friend". Just bcuz were always around each other nd were in teh same classes doesnt mean im her best friend. She even said that she doesn't have any best friends. So there. Newho... after while ppl going in nd out she got her stuff nd ran off. Then me, ashely, meganp. nd nesil were waiting 4 julies mom to come nd get her cuz she had 2 go home nd austy ran past us. So seh wen behind a dumpster climbed threw a fence nd down to sum sticker bushes. i was the only 1 who had the guts 2 go down there after her so i was convinced her to come bak. nd boy did it smell like weed! Newho.. after a few moments i got her back inside nd things just came out of the way

Anthony nd Ryan left. I told them not to go. they were so bored i could tell. me & austy we put on our lil shows nd skits we do in class. even tho they didnt laugh. but it was all good. nd then we watched freddy vs. jason.. good movie.. too much sexual contact nd nudity.. its suppose 2b scary not porno. then we took a break nd played truth or dare. which no1 was doin there dares. Oh nd austy dared allyson to fart in my mouth. i was like HELL NO! i ran away but ppl grabbed me nd i socked sum1 nd stepped on ppl gettin away. freakin losers. then we watched American Wedding. Then.. me, eleanor, nd austy went in allysons room nd waited till6:04 nd we went out there nd attacked, lafloura, alicia, meagn p. nd we got allyson sooo goood!! we put make-up glitter stuff nd lip stick all over them. it was great! nd marissa, nesil, nd jaclynn new we were coiming out so they acted alseep nd we were trying to get them to wake up so they could help us move arouond 2 get 2 allyson nd austy was leaning over nesil nd nesil just starts socking her in her leg. this is how nesi told it . nesil goes BAM BAM austy: no nesil i wa- BAM BAM stop it wasnt tryi- BAM BAM stop hitting my leg NESIL!! it wa great!! Nd nesil put a m&m in megans mouth nd sehlike sucked it in n started eating it nd was making a a Mmm sound. it was great! then she woke up 2 secs. layter. WooOOoo. then jaclynn nd nesil started throwing these BIG heart candys at me nd alicia nd ske kept on hittin me in my head! lol. then i tackled her nd pinched her 2 death. Then... me, eleanor, nd austy went 2 sleep nd woke up round 10. then we ate pancakes nd just hung around nd talked nd stuff. Then i left. thnk god. her house smelt.. cuz of her dogs n stuff. pu! lol.

Man ... i gotta start planning my b-dai party cuz.. thats gonna be comeing up soon nd my mom wants the plans 4 it b4 she leaves 2 germany. Hmm.....

Well dont kno wut else 2 say so ill leave it that.


Call me a safe bet

nothing .f a n c y. [18 Jan 2004|01:15am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

today i woke up nd i didnt go 2 gymnastics cuz it was too late. Got my compliments 4rm my crew up in introspection pt. @ leadership camp. They were sum good ones too! i was touched. Woke up got dressed N then eleanor called me N me N her went to the mall.. w/my mom tagging along. It took my mom like 5 hrs. to get ready so i sat there playing w/ my mirror.. Mirrors can be quite entaining.

First we went to old navy to return this purse i got. They put it bak on a gc so then i looked around N i got this REALLY cute winter jacket. N domnique passed by threw the window N he like saw us! LIKE OMG! lol. Im a valley grl now! N he waved 2 my mom cuz they kno each other frm wildwood. it was awful. lol So yeah. Then we went 2 the mall. N we got allysons present. We got her sum body wash N lotion. N then those one jiggly things that have water in them N it looks like ur jacking off. U kno? lol. it sponge bob N black N white bracelets w/ umm... earrings N rings attached. Next.. we went 2 targert. I got me a bra! woo hoo! N we ate there.. N OMg the foood was soo good! i mean YuMmY! hehe N then me N eleanor were lookin @ teh bathing suits! cuz they were already out.. N they were sooooooooooooo cute!! omg! even tho itz target ! WHO CARES! lol. neways. So afte that.. omg. Eleanor was carrying sum soda N it was falling N she was like cracking up about it Cuz my mom was like.. u dont carry it that way! N eleanor was like.. well if u carry it the other way Then .. theres no fun in that1 N she was laughing wen it was falling In the middle of the street! haha. it was great! *sIgh* hmm...

Then we ewnt over to my house N we wrapped eleanors present.. which was quite an adventure.. We decorated paper.. N yeah.. we had truble wrapping it tho. N like the bottom paper wouldnt fit so i used the recipet! it was great fun! hehe. N then.. we made a card N like put a couple pgs of randompictures that we drew! one was a barn that was on fire w/ a farmer sayin"ur so hot ur eyes burnt my barn!" N i had a cow on my pic. it was great. yeah.. woooo.. N then we just kinda hung out N then she had to leave.

After she left i made brownies N watched tv.. Now im here. N now im gonna go to bed. Wo Hoo.. i got more to say but im tired. so yeah.. ttyl ~-peace-~

3im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

~*Wild Side Of Nicole Is Coming Out In 2o04*~ [16 Jan 2004|11:24am]
[ mood | tired ]

Well today was another exciting day!

Same ol' same ol' morning. Played pickle ball again N me N austy had skills!! OMg it was weird! we actually played the RIGHT way! lol. 2nd... some other ppl presented the thingy. No advisory but we re-took the test thingy N i feel pretty good about it. Austy got kicked out of mrs. bowers.. but she came back N i stole rebeccas stickers. Like a f**king think pack of them! lol. newho. Then we put our names N put like a wrench N a jewish stars N animals on our faces. N then.. in 4th Rebecca wanted her name on it N iwas like.. no it wont fit. N austy got the idea to put RTRD!! lmao! its cruel i kno i kno. lol. So i told her it stands for Rebeccas tyte Really ditzy. lol. Then.. The sub goes. Cuz we had that doom@s$ again N he goes NICOLE do you ever stop talking!!!! N i go nope. N he goes get out of here now. So i got out N then i come back for my paper N he hands me a freakin refural.. thats ISS. So i go to the office N i see matt N i got where the hell do i go?? N he says to find Mr. Harpel N give it to him cuz he'll deal with it N he'll get rid of it. So i handed it to him N he was outside N he was like.. ill take care of this.. but if i see this behiavior again Im gonna pull it out. N then i saw austy N she walked out of class. So shes prob. getting a ruferal too.

Lunch was okk.. hmmmm.. nothing really happened. OH austy took the rest of the stickers N she threw them at everyone N it was pretty funny. Lets see wut else.5th. Austy got kicked out again. She got proccessed to ms. fullertons class N hmm.. yeah. Left me w/ rebecca but i went N talked w/ ben 4 a lil. Then i put a think dont smoke sticker onmy face. pretty funny. Nothing really else happened.

Leadership was quite under pressure today. heh. Ms. Burke deciede to make 6th grade electoins N put them in leadership WHICH SHE BROK THE LEADERSHIP CONSTITUTION!! i kno that sounds really corny but it was all fu**k ed up N everyone was pissed. N me, brittany were pretending to be les bians for carter , justin N dathan. it was SOOOO FUNNY!! haha. hehe.. newho...

After Skool.. i got in BIG fight w/ my brother jon. Austy was on teh phone @ the time N he like hit Me so i locked his room N it was quite funny. then i got on my moms good side N i was likeyeah.. can i go over to austys.. N after destroying my room lookin for my glasses she drove meover there N we were waiting 4 sameena N ameila to come over but they were at sameenas still so we walked.. N i rollerwalked which i almost got hit by a car but austy saved me. WooOO thnk god that kid! N then we met em on a street N we walked to skating. Which took like 45mins. It was quite entertaing. We got SOOO many honks N woos.. nbut were like F**K off u frekain fruit!! lol. N one guy turned around.. N ameila goes can we get a ride.. but i didnt want 2 get raped.. lol. So we got there like @ 8 N i swear EVERYONE was there! N ameial told tim that i was stoned N so she was like quick rubur eyes! blah blah So i hadnded him his keyes n iwas like hey.. n he goes hey stoner.. n yea.. i dont knowl. i was"high" heh. gay ay? ne who Skating was pretty boriong. Desi N sophia were there N we werelike hiding.. N yeah. OH as u can tell me n sameena r pretty cool now. Shes a cool friend so yeah =D. Hmm.. i got introduced to hella ppl. Anthony stole my money...jumped a bench rammed into a wall chasing that bast erd! hurt my lip. i was embarrssed too. :(. lol. ... Then I was skating N i had to leave @ 10 N my mom was in ther eN austy Was like NICOLE GET DOWN!! so we were hding next 2 these grls .. N sameena was like.. shes right there.. n was tellin us where she was N stuff.N tehn i had 2 leave cuz my mom is a prick. lol. Yeah.. so here i am. N im tird as F***k*!!!!! soima go to sleep soon. yea.. tomorrow i have to clean N go to southcenter YAY! shopping HIP HIP GOORAY! lol. N hmm.. i want to go to gymnstics tomorrow too! i better go to bed soon so i can get up early! hmpf!. N then sund. allysons party which is gonna be memorable i kno this already! hehe. Welll.. off i go so yeah.. Oh N i have no fricken clue.. wen my xanga is gonna be bak. I think ima cry.... cya latyer.~

Call me a safe bet

46 More dayz till wedding bells.... 45 more dayz till MxPx & Sugarcult Concert. Gooray! :D [15 Jan 2004|09:26am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Today was rather intresting... 1st we played basketball Cuz the 6th N 7th graders had an assembly .. so .. yeah. 2Nd. We "presented" this paper we had to write but like only 4 ppl did it. 3Rd we a had a quiz on turning fractoins into presentedges.. so yeah. 4th. Austy walked out of class cuz the sub said we could go in the hall way if we weren't gonna do ne work. So i just said i had 2 go the bathroom. N we were out there the ehwole time. N we amost got caught cuz Mr. Luong was comeing our way so me, domnique ran. it as funny. N then at the 6th grade lunch a 7ie N a 6th grader got in a fight N hte 7th grader got his @$$ kicked. lol. Hmm. Then we went back N something else happened N we ran out again. N these 2 grls got in a fight in the bathroom N in the gym. N i heard that their was hair pullin N stuff lol. Yeah N then Latoyas sister was taking her frens side N latoya is gonna like beat her fren up.. N now her sister i guess. Thats shyt too.. her sisters blood is thicker then water... u feel Me?? lol. Newho. So lunch wasnt that great.. boring u could say. 5th was also boring. Me, austy, anthony, karli, N domnique were all late N we had 2 write sentances.I wrote. Late was i. lol. heh. N then we all kept on getting in trouble cuz we were too loud. leadership boring suff. talked bout the valentines dance. After skool the bus was late as f**k! N plus it was small. N cramped.

I fell asleep AGAIN n i woke up round 8 N i was pissed!!!i really wanted 2 go to gymnastics tonite. FOrkIn A!!! u dont even know. So i think ima go on sat. hopefully they'll be open N david will be there. Otherwise ill work on perfecting my bar routine :) N my back walk overs. N my handsprings N the splits lol. *SiGh* i need 2 get a coat Ni wanna do that on sat. too. So hopefully i can do that. N then go to brittanys maybe.. N skating tomorrow?? N allysons party on sund :) hehe. NeWaaaAAaayZ! dont kno wut else to say except 4 one thing N then ima go.

I hate wen u tell sum1 ur problem or somthing that happened N they act like tehy dont give a f**k. Then they have teh exactly SAME problem N they say that u dont care. Thats bull shyt maybe they should show sum affectoin N they'll get it back! Why dont u think about that...

-:- PeaCe-:-

I still miss you, I still care, sometimes I swear you're still here.
Do you miss me?
Do you care?
Does it hurt that I'm not there?

Told me you need something better.
What is better than love?
Told me you need something new.
But all I need is you to feel the way you make me feel.

I never meant to hurt you, never meant to say those things,
never meant to write them down in a song about the way it used to be.
It used to be so good.
You used to be my everything.

I just want you to know that I'm just fine on my own.
Do you want me to know that you hate being alone?

Did you think I would fall for this over again we're repeating.
Did you think I would crawl back,
crawl back one more time to feel the way I feel.

How's your hand?
My eyes healed nicely.
How's the time pass by without me?
I hope this hurts like hell cause why should you be fine?

1im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

I hear wedding bells..... [14 Jan 2004|10:19am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well.. today was another one of those dayz... LEts see here... 1st played pickle ball again. 2nd watched the rest of mt. men. adviosry skipped again. we had a sub newayz.. 3Rd.. contin. over the test scores... 4th.. had the same damn sub again. GrRrRr.. he pissed me off. i didnt get kicked out today tho. We watched a movie.. N domnique was makin fun of me. But itz all good.. i made fun of him bak.hehe. Lunch.. nothin intresting was gong on. Oh! brittany took like 10 diff. pgs of hte hall of fame N wrote it out! it was hilrious! hehe. N then... matt was tkain a poll 2 show ryan that he was hotter then him. lmao. Ummm... 5th per. we just kinda sat around N stuff...N then me, julie N austy were being nerds N pretending we were doing the news. It was great. hehe.AfTer Skool... I stayed after 4 7th hr. cuz i had to do sum work to get my grade up. Hmm.. i wonder wut my grades r right now... lemmie go checK. eh.. ill tell u wenever it goes. lol. But yeah.. hmm....

I just finished watching The OC.. N Oliver is a f**kin dueshebAg!!! or how me N austy sayit.. Duuuuuudeshhhh bag! lol. I just wanted ot slap his @$$! Yay the only thing was upgraded was math N i have a D! Woo Hoo! no more F!! lol yeha.. ilove teh Oc.. N marissa is so stupid N BLIND!!! nrr to her! lol. ne wayz.....

Gymnastics is coming up WooHooZeY!.. N AOL is pissing me off so bad1 i want 2 write in my xanga! Noone i kno uses freakin LjS.. thats for california ppl. pah. Oh well newho.. i have nothin really else to say. O h YEAH! i belive gene is for sure pregneat. Ima be an Aunt :-D... N hes gettting married Feb. 29. Which i just relized that , that is a leap year. wut a doomfock. Thats the day after the mxpx concert! Whoo HOO! cant wait 4 that either! Feb. is gonna be fun! hehe. YAY im excited!!!!!!!!! N i've been getting in shape 4 gymnastics. I dont think im gonna be capt. I really want too but.. the coaches r just tards if u tell me :-/ oh well....

well thats all i gotta say 4 now so ill inform u guyz lata.. ~PeAcE!

2im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

GooRaY! 4 Gymnastics!!! [13 Jan 2004|10:15am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well last nite i went 2 bed bout 5 .. my mom woke me Ni was sceaming at her to let me go to sleep N she sprayed me with water which wasnt very nice. I went bak to bed N woke up @ 11 N tehn went bak to bed N woke up at 1 N stayed up till 3 then woke up again for skool. Whichi made me a big breakfast of eggs, bacon n waffles. i was late 4 skool but not late enuf.

Played pickle ball agian. We lost won game N sat out the other. 2nd was boring.. watched the rest of mt. men.. or maybe not. Had a sub again. Advisory.. skipped... me n austy were in the hall of mr. anderson N we saw justin N anthony N they were skipping too... N then we went into hte 1000 build. Came back.. N yeah. Mrs. bower we lookedover our test. i got 50%.. :-/ But we get to retake on fri. so maybe ill pass then. Hehe. Umm...

4th was intresting. We had the same sub again. But he changed his name to Mr. Feel good. Then.. in the beginning He was talking ot me very rudly so italed back to him rudelyN he kicked me out! the lil MoFO! haha.. So then i went round the bulid. N matt was lookin in britts class N like apprently brain had her arm around N her N yeah he was pretty pissed. N then i went bak N i went into the commons N got a soda. Then austy came out too N We went kinda sorta into mr. victors room N said hi to allyson, jaclynn N sameena. Good times. haha. N then.. we went bak N left to lunch. Where Matt got into brains face about leavin his g/f alone N shyt. N they were pretty pissed @ each other. yeah.. Hmm..... 5th.. Austy got moved away from me but she snuck bak N we watched a movie type thing. I taped Ned ot my shoulder. He walked around w/ me.

Leadership we passed out teh hall of fame papers. I told everyone to vote 4 me for Best to Hug. Cuz im a good hugger. Of COURSE!!!! hehe. N umm Then it was just me, eleanor N mr. cain n we were tlaking about gymnastics. Then we went home. Justin had a balloon that was very huge N akward. lol. It was pretty funny tho. He sure is one cHaRAcTeR!

After skool.... Me n my sis. talked 4 awhile. N it doesnt look like ill be going to germany :'(.. i realllllllllly wish i could . Well she got her liscense! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! now she can drive me around. N She took us to gymnastics. Tumbling was good 4 me. I worked onmy back walk over.. which is getting pretty damn good. then david was teaching me a layout for a dismount on the bars. Which i can maybe almost tdo by my slef. N then i went into thebungee N i was doing air tucks. Yes. I think next time ima get a spot for it N maybe i can do it! SoooOooo maybe i'll do all around after al :)... hehe.. well i g2g take a shower .. i smell.. StoOopid Gymnastics! haha.. jk jk i lOoOOooovE it!! hehe. yeah.. well ne who .. ill talk to u guys tomorrow! LoVe YaZ!

1im betting im not !Call me a safe bet

i hate this stoopid shyt [12 Jan 2004|05:08am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Holy freakin beep beep to the poop poop!!!! this is the 3rd time im writien this.. N its pissing me off. I f**king hate AOL n wish that my parents would get a F**KING CLUE N not use htis piece of shyt!!!!

So shall i start off again?? ok.. well today was tiring. but wut do u expect that i only got 45 mins of sleep. not even that. Well today i woke up like a reg. day. got 2 skool N b4 the bell rang, me,megan, ashley, eleanor, julie, megan N Kt did a road block. it was funny hehe. In PE.. we played pickle ball n me n austy won allll our games.. Or did we? I told austy about her spot on her jacket.. that i been trying to remove it but it just wont get off i was scared she was gonna kill me.. but instead she laughed her @$$ off N told me that it was from teh finch patch. Wut a nube i am! haha. N then i told allyson N austy about my hug w/ sameena N austy didnt belive me lol. In a way i want 2 be her friend agian cuz its in the past N its old N im gettin tired of it.& I mean i still am pissed off wut she did cuz no one should treat a so called "friend" like that. but yeah. N then i think if i become frenz w/ her.. brittany might get mad. But if shes a TRUE friend then she'll be fine with it. Right??

2nd, Mr. price was acutally there. We got 2 new kids.. N me n matt were sayin that they were like poppin up everywhere! n that we felt secluded cuz 1 of them was black N he joined the lil balck gang in our classroom. lol. We finsihed watching a gay @$$ movie. woo hoo 3rd. Mrs. bower made seating charts for us again. I sit by juile & thomas. N 1 row N a couple seats away from austy. Nicole & Austy split up once again.... Well we did a math test hting.. N i feel like im gonna pass it cuz i had no distrations or nothing.. n plus it was easy lol.

4th we had a sub N he was like a younger version of mr. gutherie ( who is like 80 years old) n the sub was like 60 N his name was Mr. Grover. lol. it was soo funny cuz he was like "c'mon home fry get our work done.. u feeling me?" oh god it was hilrious. N austy goes .. do u like rap? N he goes.. the kind i wrap with presents. N she goes.. no no.. the one like.. im gansta.. watch out else ill pop a cap up ur booty N he goes.. no no ur not. lol. it was funny.. *sIgH* Lunch nothing really happened. boring stuff as usual.

Me, austy, thomas N domnique were late to class to mr. @$$@nines class N he got his pannies in a bunch n was bi**hin at us. It was a bunch of bull shyt if u kno wut i mean. We took a vocab quiz N then i was singing N austy N rebecca was laughing at me so i ignored them. N i made a new friend named Fred Which austy killed. :'( Then i made a new one called Ned. He is taking me to the prom. hehe. N then.. hmm.. ben killed himm by crinklilng him. N then austy ripped him in half N he had to have stitches..(staples) N then.. in leadership i accidently ripped his head off :-/ but thats ok. N umm leadership was boring.. nothin really goin on there.

The bus ride home was rather..weird. Justin wouldnt scoot his fat @$$ over So i sat on him N then i ended up sitting next ot andrew. N once he got off  justin like attacked Me N he like stuck his finger in his zipper N it scared the shyt outta me! lmao. it was pretty funny. Got home N now im here. ..ima take a nap so yea...

9 More dayz till gymanstics start! H e L l YEAH! I hope i get capt. but who knos.. i want 2 get capt. but then i dont. But i hope i do :) Newayz... I hate this stopid LJ shyt.. xanga is much better.. PlAh.. i hate AOL... Grr.. well ttyl.. or maybe never again.. if xanga shows up!.. yeah.. ~pEaCe

Man.. the reason why i put stars in words like F@ <k is cuz i have to do that else AOL wont let me view it.. cuzits a pieCE OF SHIOT!!
Call me a safe bet

bak again... **Nicole Labeling Story Part 1 [12 Jan 2004|04:02am]
[ mood | determined ]

Well im back again. BoRed as F**K! So i was just workin on my dancing skeelz. Which i need 2 work on. I need 2 hang out w/ ashley N megan again. my boOty buDDIes. I mean yea sure i can shake muh a$$ N roll it but theres 1 thing i needa work on. the damn bUttErFlY! Ooo plus i needa work on muh raving. damn jessie needz 2 get her a$$ over here N contin. teachin me liquid shyt. Oh wow, i just noticed im talkin like a black person. Or should i say a wigga? haha. weird? i havent talked like dis in a hella long time! i think itz cuzz of kube.
Theres..48 mo dayz till i get ta see MxPx, Sugarcult,Billy talent N simple plan! Im sOOoo Excited!!!! N itz on feb 28th so thats like a annversery of sept 28 wen i saw MxPx, brand new Vendetta red N Dashboard Confessional! damn that was a memroy in the book. austy almost killed in teh mosh pitts! Well newho. I just cant wait! Itz like a b*daii present 2 mai cuz mi b*daii is 5dayz b4 dat! So now i have a even betta excuse! Fo ShO! haha... damn im actin black. haha CoOld yooh Say WiGgA!!!«
Damn My New Year Resoutions .... DoNt GiVe A F**K WuT PeOpLe SaY!!! #1 RiGht ThErE!
im so tired of ppl sayin shyt that they cant back up. N im tired of everyone f**king labeling ppl wen pretty much they're labeling themselves! i mean.. wtf? r u just tryin to impress ppl w/ your big words or something?? Cuz 2 me i think that ur Just F**KING RETARDED!  im done w/ labeling ppl. Like sameena.. i dont care wut she does w/ her life N wut she listens 2 or wut she wears or w/e. Its her life N shes livin it how she wants to.. hell i mite even become frenz w/ her agian. @ skating i hugged her cuz .. i dont kno why. well ameila told me to go get her cuz her N sum grl N guy were waiting outside N i told her that N she was just looked like stressed or sumthin.. iunno so i hugged her. heh? Being i nice person i guess. Then i told her i still hated her. that wasnt very nice. but who knos. why should i be mad @ her wen i should be mad @ tim too. But he wasnt my boyfriend @ the time so i coulndt claim him. I guess thats the reason why. Who knows???
I hate how eveyrone labels everything. oh well preps are people who wear a&f or AE.. what does tht mean? That there stuck up? Just beause they like that style? Hell if u think about it u cant help wut u like or not. It jsut comes to you.. you feel me? Damn this world is gonna come to an end soon. With the generation that im living in.. we'll destroy the DAMN earth! everyones smokin, drinkin, not giving a f**k bout wut there parents are tryin to protect from us. Sometimes u gotta put urself in ur parents postion N live how there living N feelin wen we talk back to them or do shyt they woulndt want us doin. But sumtymes theres parents who just dont give a f**k. N that makes me sad. i dont kno why. but yeah..
WoooOOoooOOoo im glad i got that off my chest. Theres more too it.. i kno.. but i dont feel like writin that much ne mo. So ill tty kiddos layta.... PeAcE !
Call me a safe bet

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